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  • Injury Law

    When you or someone you care about is injured, it can feel like life is overwhelming. Constant doctor visits, and missing out on family events and work, disrupt your normal routine. All because someone caused you harm.

    While there is no way to get back the time, there is a way to maximize your financial recovery. Experience counts. The number one difference between the right result for you, and a feeling of regret, is the experience of someone who knows how to achieve every advantage possible.

    Protect yourself and those you love with a professional family who works for you. Anderson, Klein, Brewster & Brandt has a tradition of millions in settlements and verdicts collected for our clients.

    There are no fees unless we are successful for you or your loved one. We understand the difficulty of travel, and gladly offer free home and hospital consultations if you can’t make it to our offices.

    Contact us to schedule your free consultation with our family of professionals who have the experience you need to obtain the right result for you.

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  • Criminal Defense

    Fighting for freedom happens every day. In courtrooms throughout Central and Greater Nebraska, are examples of bad things happening to good people. Our country is founded on the principle of individual liberty. No one, not a police officer, prosecutor, judge, or even the Governor is above the constitution and its protections.

    Anderson, Klein, Brewster & Brandt are on your side, and we use our experience to your advantage. All criminal matters are serious, and we fight for the rights of those charged with Felony (I-80 Drug Stops, Homicide, Sex offenses, Robbery), and Misdemeanor (DUI, Assaults, Traffic offenses) matters every day.

    Text, email, or call us today for you or a loved one to set up a free initial consultation. Click to the right to obtain your free brochure on the criminal process in Nebraska and general information on how to protect yourself.

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  • Estate Law and Probate

    Protect your family legacy and make the law work for you. The right tools for the job are important. Protecting the hard work you have put in, year after year, building your wealth should not be performed with cheap tools.

    No assembly line, or online form, can tailor your estate planning needs in the way you desire, to maximize your legacy to your family for generations, and protect your assets from foreign entities.

    Anderson, Klein, Brewster & Brandt has served generations of farmers, ranchers, businessmen and women, grandchildren, and parents who hope for a better future for their children. When you meet with us, we get the opportunity to individually craft an estate plan that focuses on the needs of your family, and your family alone.

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  • Family Law

    Divorce, custody, modification, child support, alimony, parenting plan. These are often foreign words to people who have never been exposed to the divorce process or family law. Your best interests are served by having people serve you who have been through this before. Tradition is the opposite of surprise. The knowledge of what may be down the road will help you avoid the pitfalls and traps along the way.

    Anderson, Klein, Brewster & Brandt has the experience to help you protect your rights in your greatest relationships. Your free guide to family law is a click away. Or call, text, or email us today, or when you’re ready, to schedule your free confidential initial consultation.

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  • Michael C. Klein

    Mr. Klein has been engaged in the general practice of law since 1977 representing clients concerning water and water rights, estate planning, probate, real estate and business law matters, wrongful death cases and personal injury cases. Mr. Klein is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Kearney and the University of Nebraska College of Law, completing his education in 1977.  He is a member of the Phelps County Bar Association; the Tenth Judicial District Bar Association; the Nebraska State Bar Association; and the American Bar Association.

    Mr. Klein is admitted to practice before the Nebraska Supreme Court, the US District Court for the District of Nebraska, and the US Supreme Court. Mr. Klein regularly practices in the Holdrege, Kearney, and Minden offices.

    He is a published author, married to his lovely bride Vickie and together they have nineteen grand children. He considers himself a predominately lucky man.

  • Jonathan R. Brandt

    Mr. Brandt is a junior Partner with Anderson, Klein, Brewster & Brandt. His  practice focuses on:  Litigation, Injury Law, Criminal Defense, and Family law.

    Jon received his undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, focusing on Political Science and Philosophy.  Jon obtained his Juris Doctor from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln with an emphasis on litigation.   Mr. Brandt is a member of the Nebraska Criminal Defense Attorneys Association, the Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys, and is the former  President of the Phelps County Bar Association. 

    Mr. Brandt is married to his wife, Mimi, and together they have three children. Mr. Brandt is thankful that he gets to utilize his skills as an attorney to advocate and help protect the community. He  is a 2018 graduate of the Leadership Kearney program. In his spare time, he volunteers with his church, is an active member of several non-profit, as well as community boards. 

  • Charles D. Brewster

    Mr. Brewster has over 25 years experience in the general practice of law in South Central Nebraska with an emphasis in trial work. His undergraduate work was completed at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln in the field of psychology and he graduated from the Nebraska College of Law in 1978.

    He previously served as a County Attorney/State’s Prosecutor in Central Nebraska and has also appeared in Federal courts.  As a long-standing member of the Nebraska Crime Commission, Mr. Brewster was named by the Nebraska State Bar Foundation as a Distinguished Fellow in 2004. Since 1986 he has practiced primarily as a criminal defense lawyer representing clients in major felony matters including homicide, drug possession/delivery, sex offenses, theft and embezzlement. He also represents people and families in personal injury and wrongful death cases.

  • Zachary K. Gray

    Mr. Gray is an associate with Anderson, Klein, Brewster & Brandt. Zach’s practice primarily focuses on family law, wills, estate and probate matters, contracts, business matters, real estate law, agricultural and water law.

    Originally from Holdrege, Mr. Gray is excited to utilize his skills to support the area that has given him so much in the past.  Mr. Gray attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and obtained an undergraduate degree in Agronomy and Agribusiness, and obtained his Juris Doctor from the University of Nebraska College of Law.

    While at UNL, Zach served as President of the UNL FFA Alumni Group. He  is a member of the Nebraska State Bar Association, and practices in the Holdrege, Kearney, and Minden offices.

  • Michael C. Klein

  • Jonathan R. Brandt

  • Charles D. Brewster

  • Zachary K. Gray

"I just wanted to say think you for everything you done and for how much you worked to get things where they are today. [With Jon Brandt], I've never seen an attorney work as hard as you have to see that their client's interests are met. I've have gained a huge amount of trust and respect for you throughout this time, and in turn, for your firm."
-T.Y. - Nebraska

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Nebraska was 41 years old when, in 1908, Anderson, Klein, Brewster & Brandt began serving Central and Greater Nebraska’s legal needs.  With initial offices in Holdrege, expanded partnerships and experience led to offices in Minden and Kearney in the last 50 years. The resourcefulness of this office has led to the ability to serve all of Greater Nebraska from Grand Island, to the Colorado border.

Trial work is the main focus of this law firm in all forms, from protecting those charged with criminal offenses, to compensating those injured in accidents, Anderson, Klein, Brewster & Brandt will continue to protect and compensate Central and Greater Nebraska into the next century.

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